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There is no shame in admitting that you have a lot of pride in your home, it is, after all, the most valuable asset you will ever own, and the place where you make lots of memories. Because your home is so much more than just a house, here at Wally’s Professional Services, we want to make sure that pride manifests itself in keeping the outside of your home looking its best at all times. Our roof cleaning in Dekalb Country IL offers a specialist roof cleaning service to ensure that your roof is one of the parts of your home that is looking pristine all year round. A professional roof cleaning service can remove all the build-up of algae, staining, and immediately increase the curb appeal.

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Roof Cleaning

Asphalt shingle roofs attract moss and algae more than other materials, in fact, the next time you are out, have a look at people’s roofs and you will see how common it is. It may seem harmless, but moss is like a sponge, and if it is left to soak up water time and again, the moss will expand and cause serious damage to your tiles, it may even cause a leak. Our roof cleaning in Dekalb County IL offers the perfect service to prevent anything like this occurring.

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Roof Cleaning

You may think tile roofs are sturdier than other types, but they have their own share of problems. Not only do tiled roofs stain easily, with the discoloring showing up very clearly, even from a distance, but they can also crack from a build-up of moss or residues. A huge part of roof cleaning is about preventing any serious roof repairs in the future, and our roof cleaning in Dekalb County IL is specifically for this prevention.

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Roof Cleaning

Our metal roof cleaning service will have your metal roof sheets looking pristine once again. Metal roof sheets have to be cared for and cleaned thoroughly like with other materials, as without it, the longevity of the sheets will be cut short. For a long-lasting, and clean roof, our roof cleaning services in Dekalb County IL, are what you need.

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Benefits of our specialized Dekalb County IL roof cleaning

The benefit of using our Dekalb County IL roof cleaning specialized services is that we can guarantee a job that will be completed to a professional and high standard. Our team is expertly trained and have years of experience. Our method of soft washing – this is pressure washing on a lower setting to avoid causing any damage while still removing all algae, moss, staining and, other residues – with eco-friendly cleaning detergents will clean your home with zero damage done to your home. Our work will leave your roof looking brand new, and the expected results are always above and beyond our customer’s satisfaction.


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Frequently Asked Dekalb County
Roof Cleaning Questions

Absolutely not, pressure washing is the best way to effectively and efficiently clean a roof. However, if high-pressure washing is done instead of a low-pressure washing called soft washing, then this can loosen and misplace tiles, and cause serious damage to the roof. This is why it’s best to leave roof cleaning to a professional and experienced company like ourselves.

Using a combination of our soft pressure washing machines and eco-friendly powerful detergents, we are able to clean your roof thoroughly and efficiently with no risk to you or your home. Of course, we have to be on the roof to do it, but our staff will never cause any damage from this.

The answer to this is more of a case by case basis; it largely depends on what kind of environment you live in, how exposed to the elements and nature your roof is, and even the age of your roof. Regular cleaning of a couple of times a year is a good estimate, but our roof cleaning in Dekalb County IL will be able to offer more advice based on your personal situation.

The pricing will also depend on a few factors; we have to take into account the size of the job, how long the job is expected to last, and how much work is involved. You will always be shown an accurate and total price of the expected cost before any work goes ahead.

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