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Pressure washing is not something that most people carry out on their homes, even though they may have parts of their property that need it. The reason for this is that pressure washing is a skilled job, it takes a lot of training and experience to be able to do a job well and without causing harm to you or your property – not to mention it also requires specialist equipment. Our Dekalb County IL Pressure Washing team is a professional and reputable company that offers only the best service possible, our services help homeowners have even more pride in their homes, and they also come back time and time again.

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Your driveway has to deal with a huge amount of wear and tear, from cars, people, rain pooling, plants, moss growing, petrol spills, and other things alike. As with all things that need cleaning to stay in the best condition possible, your driveway does as well. Having your driveway pressure washed by a professional company will make a world of difference, and help keep it in great condition for longer.

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Paver cleaning and concrete pressure washing is the most efficient and effective way to restore them to their former glory. Pavers are out in the open come rain or shine, they have to suffer a lot of foot traffic, and weeds can easily creep in between the slabs. Our paver cleaning service takes all the stress away and prevents any future problems if carried out regularly with professional pressure washing.

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If pressure washing on decking is done incorrectly, it can actually cause some serious damage. So, if you need your deck cleaned, it is essential that you use a professional and reliable company like our pressure washing in Dekalb County IL to ensure that the work carried out is to a high standard with no risk to your property. Pressure washing for your deck doesn’t just make it look fresh, but it also increases its lifespan.

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Increase your homes curb appeal with our Dekalb County IL pressure washing

You may be wondering why people need pressure washing anyway, a few stains on your driveway or marks on your decking is no big deal, right? Well, that’s really up to you. You may think that pressure washing won’t make much difference, or you are not bothered about seeing the petrol spills, staining, and other residues on your pathways, but once you see the difference pressure washing can make, you’ll never be without it again. Our pressure washing in Dekalb County IL can instantly improve the aesthetic and curb appeal for your home, this is especially important if you are wanting to sell your home. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt to also have the cleanest property on the street.


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Pressure Washing Dekalb County IL

It took awhile to get ahold of Wally's Professional Services, as they are very busy but it is definitely worth the wait. My house looks brand new after they did pressure washing and then did all my windows, deck and patio. I was very pleased with both the quality of work and price for their services. I would not use anyone else!! They definitely earned 5 stars!!

Rebecca Metcalf

Pressure Washing In Dekalb County IL

Let me say, at the outset, that Dr. Aquanette and Bertrand Simpson were more than satisfied with the service provided by Wally's. Without going into the details, they met and exceeded any and all expectations that we had. They came to our house, on two separate occasions, and acted with quiet, efficient, professionalism. There is no doubt, that when their pressure washing services are needed again, we will not hesitate to call.

Aquanette Simpson

Pressure Washing Dekalb County

Awesome company!! Wally's Professional Services did a fantastic work on our old farm house! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for pressure washing services to get their house cleaned. TRUE professionals! Not only did they come out on a moment's notice, they did great work!! seriously, don't use anyone else.

Sara Fischer

Frequently Asked Dekalb County
Pressure Washing Questions

Happily, a lot of surfaces can be power washed, and at Wally’s pressure washing in Dekalb County IL, we cover them all. Surfaces such as driveways, decking, pavers, and concrete; along with siding, tiles, and roof shingles. As long as the person doing the power washing knows what they are doing, and is using the correct equipment with the correct methods these are all surfaces that can be safely washed and will benefit from the washing.

This will depend on your own circumstances, a lot of people may need their driveway or decking washed just once a year, whereas other people will need to have it done more frequently. If you live in a place where residues, moss, algae, and other staining is common on parts of your property, then you should have it done more regularly. We will be happy to give you advice based on your own circumstances.

The answer to this is quite as simple as presenting you with a one size fits all type of number. Our prices are based on the type of service(s) you need and how much work is involved. We will, of course, give you an accurate price based on the work that you personally need doing, and you will always know the price before the work begins.

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