Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to preserve the integrity of your windows, we recommend having your windows cleaned inside and out twice a year. After all, they are a large part of the investment in your home.

The majority of the time, you do not need to be home. The only exception would be if you have windows on the inside that we cannot see from the outside of your home or if you have double hung windows. Then we may like to come inside to verify what is involved in dismantling and reassembling them.

We provide free estimates. Our prices are based on the following: number of windows, type of windows, accessibility of windows, and the time involved to clean the windows.

Using biodegradable soap and water, we wash the windows with a wand. While the dirt and grime is suspended in the cleaning solution, we squeegee the window. Lastly, using detailing rags, we dry the window edges, frames, and sills.

We highly recommend that you have your screens cleaned with your windows. It does not make sense to put dirty screens back on clean windows. Our method is to run each screen through our exclusive screen washing machine. We thoroughly dry the screens before reinstalling.

Generally we can schedule your window cleaning within 2-3 weeks. Depending on the time of year, we may be able to schedule you sooner.

No, you do not have to be home. We pride ourselves in being trustworthy. If you want the insides done, we can prearrange accessing the inside windows and locking up when finished.

We would prefer to have all valuables removed from your window sills and to have a clear path to all windows. If needed, we can help move furniture. Curtains and blinds are usually not a problem.

Since we work in Illinois and the weather changes hourly, we typically wait until the time of the appointment to decide if the service should be completed or not. Most homes have over-hangs so we can still clean your windows in a light to moderate rain if the wind is not blowing. If there is heavy rain or lightning, we will reschedule the appointment depending upon availability.

We treat your home like it is our own. We wear shoe covers to keep from tracking dirt, use drop clothes for flooring and furniture, and ladder end protectors to protect the walls.

Yes, we can. We can safely remove paint, stain, varnish, silicone, concrete, plaster, stickers, etc. This process does take longer and would be considered a new construction clean up, requiring an additional charge.

Yes, we are. We are fully insured with general liability and our certificate of insurance is available upon request.

Yes, if you are not completely satisfied, simply let us know and we will come back and fix the problem. We make it our priority to exceed your expectations. We want to earn loyal, lifetime customers who are confident in referring us to family and friends.

Absolutely, we use 100% biodegradable cleaning agents. Eco-friendly and environmentally friendly.

With soft washing, your siding should stay free and clear of algae for a minimum of 2 years if not longer. Traditional pressure washers usually have to clean the siding every season because the underlying root system is not being killed off.

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