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Wally's Professional Cleaning Services Dekalb Illinois
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Wally's Professional Cleaning Services Dekalb Illinois

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Professional Home Washing Services near me

Professional House Washing Services

When exterior elements are not recognized, they can cause unsightly damage to your home or business and reduce your properties value by thousands of dollars. Failure to maintain your siding, roof, or other exterior surfaces may result in having to replace them sooner than you would like. At Wally's Professional Services, we can treat your exterior surfaces with an exterior soft washing treatment to keep those outside elements in check and extend the life of your exterior surfaces.

Some Bullet Points you should know about Wally's Professional Softwash Service:

➤ 100% Biodegradable & Eco-Friendly Solution
➤ Mold, mildew, algae, and all other organic growth is TREATED and not just blasted at with high pressure. The clean will last 3-5x longer than a traditional pressure washing.
➤ Our unique system allows us to clean 60+ feet up in the air without having to use a ladder. We are able to softwash and treat your roof without even having to walk on them. All of our roof and siding projects are done without high pressure. We are safely cleaning your home without destroying the protective barrier put in place by manufacturers.

Home Soft Wash Services

We can save your roof from being eaten alive!

It's no secret that replacing your roof is hands down the most expensive maintenance repair on a home.

However, many homeowners fail to implicate any preventative cleaning maintenance on their roofs!

Roof cleaning cost as little as 1% the cost of a roof replacement. Regular maintenance can double the lifespan of your roof!

What is roof cleaning and why do I need it?

Roof moss is more than just an eyesore, it's is ALIVE and it is HUNGRY! Roof moss actually feeds on the granules of limestone and can shorten the life span of your roof by HALF.

We specialize in removing the black stains from your roof, sometimes called magma or moss. This treatment will bring back the roofs original color before it became infested. Our soft wash roof cleaning service is a much better alternative to replacing your roof. Even if your roof carries a multi-year warranty, the manufacturer will still recommend using a soft wash roof cleaning service, not to be confused with a pressure washer. Treating your roof with a soft wash is a beautiful thing, and it's just a phone call away!

One Story Homes

Standard House Washing

Starting at $329

Two Story Homes

Standard House Washing

Starting at $369

Three Story Homes

Standard House Washing

Starting at $449


Germs are on everything and everywhere. That is why we disinfect our bathrooms; that is why we sterilize our kitchen counters; and that is why we wash our hands! These preventative measures are important to keeping our children, and ourselves from getting sick.

Have you ever thought about the playground equipment they play on? According to the International Journal of Environmental Health Research playgrounds are twice as contaminated as public restrooms. Playgrounds are suppose to be used as a clean, simple form of entertainment. With the proper sanitation service they can be!

Wally's Professional Services will sanitize your playground equipment whether its in your local park, neighborhood, church, school, fast food restaurant, or even your own backyard. Wally's Professional Services also takes pride in offering eco-friendly and environmentally safe cleaning methods to protect your health and your children.

(call and ask about our "pay it forward" program to help out local schools, parks, neighborhoods, and churches with a need for sterilization)


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